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It is our goal is to take our clients' experience directly to a jury.

Mortgage Fraud

  • RESPA violations

  • Modification delays

  • Improper late fees

  • Failure to apply payments

  • Billing errors

Fair Debt Collection

  • Collection lawsuit defense

  • Identity theft

  • Harassment and abuse

  • Debt already paid

  • Calls for settled payments

  • Collection of BK discharged debt

  • Student loan collection defense

Fair Credit Reporting

  • Credit Repair Scams

  • Identity Theft

  • Unauthorized credit pulls

  • Erroneous reporting

  • Old Information

  • Inaccurate Background Check

Auto Fraud

  • Undisclosed Damage

  • Undisclosed repair

  • Undisclosed modifications

  • Bait and switch

  • Improperly "certified" vehicles

  • Sale scams

  • Fail to provide contract in foreign language

  • Charging more than advertised price

  • Taking advantage of elderly or person with diminished capacity

Lemon Law

  • Multiple repair attempts for same problem

  • Your vehicle has not been working for 30 days or more

  • The defect affects the use, value or safety of the vehicle

  • The defect was not caused by normal driving wear 

  • The defect was not caused by an accident by the consumer

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