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It is our goal to support our clients' objectives through dedicated collaboration, negotiations and litigation when necessary.
Advertising and Marketing

The Law Office of Monica Hartsock provides training, advice and counsel for all types of marketing including

  • Social Media

  • Product Placement

  • Advertisements Directed Towards Children

  • Email, Texting and Telemarketing

  • Interactive Marketing

  • Environmental Friendly Claims

  • Sweepstakes and Contests

  • Endorsements and Testimonials

  • Radio and Television

  • Websites

  • Internet Videos

  • Direct Mail

  • Product Packaging

  • and more.

A great place to start ensuring your marketing campaigns are free of misrepresentations is to download the Law Office of Monica Hartsock's copyrighted free version of the Circle of Compliance. The Circle of Compliance outlines 10 legal misrepresentation concepts you should apply to every advertisement in order to avoid a misrepresentation violation. 

Credit Report Errors

Errors on your credit report can create any number of issues

  • higher interest rates

  • wrongful lawsuits

  • Inability to get line of credit

  • trouble at work and more

A report by the Federal Trade Commission found that 26% of consumers who checked their credit report found potentially material errors. 

Fortunately, you are protected by a federal law called the  "Fair Credit Reporting Act". Consumers are able to check their credit report for free every year by going to If you find errors, and need help, Hartsock Law stands ready and able to fight for your rights -- contact us today! 

Website and E-Commerce Compliance

Websites and E-Commerce are a unique combination of multiple laws including copyright, privacy, advertising and contract law.

Free Legal Advice:

Did you know that if you collect a website user's information, such as a name, email or phone number, you are legally required to have a posted Privacy Policy? 

Secondly, do not download another company's privacy policy and think it will apply to your company - it may not and could leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit.  Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions are documents meant to help you! They protect you by setting forth your specific language to protect your company. The privacy policy you stole was drafted to protect that company, not yours. These agreements set forth parameters and as such need to be specially drafted for your company by an attorney. Do you have Amazon's lawsuit settlement budget? Then, why do you think Amazon's policies would work for your business?

Just as you use marketing professionals to perform a marketing performance audit, you should have the Law Office of Monica Hartsock perform a legal audit to ensure your website doesn't backfire. Websites are meant to attract customers, not FTC investigators and civil claims.