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  • Car Dealerships

  • Installers & Sellers of Home Improvement Goods

  • Banks

  • Credit Reporting Agencies

  • Background Check Agencies

  • Vehicle Manufacturers 

  • Debt Collectors

  • Loan Servicing Companies


  • Auto Fraud
  • Lemon Law
  • Fair Credit Reporting
  • Debt Collection
  • Financial Elder Abuse
  • Mortgage/Banking Laws
The Law Office of Monica Hartsock specializes in protecting your rights as a consumer, from predatory and illegal practices that are all too commonplace.  We sue companies that fail to follow the law - we hold them accountable for what their actions have done to you, the average consumer. We sue under consumer protection laws that make the defendants pay your attorney fees so you don't bear the financial burden.
In it's mere five year history, the Law Office of Monica Hartsock has already obtained for our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporations that violated state and federal law.  

A report by the Federal Trade Commission found that 26% of consumers who checked their credit report found potentially material errors. 

Errors on your credit report can create any number of issues

  • Higher interest rates

  • Wrongful lawsuits

  • Inability to get line of credit

  • Trouble at work and more

Fortunately, you are protected by a federal law called the  "Fair Credit Reporting Act". Consumers are able to check their credit report for free every year by going to If you find errors, and need help, Hartsock Law stands ready and able to fight for your rights -- contact us today! 

There are many ways that dealerships fraudulently dupe unsuspecting consumers. Do you think a dealership may have lied or used illegal tactics to take advantage of you? Don't let them get away with it! We will hold them accountable and fight for you. 
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